Content Strategy

We map out the sweet spot between your audiences’ needs and business strategy, to communicate your brand’s purpose & focus, and create a content marketing approach to engage your constituents.

What we do


What is involved

Contentify listens to your business and commercial objectives and brainstorms with you to devise the best content roadmap that creates value for your target market.

Throughout the content strategy journey, the following are considered:

  • Define your content mission statement
  • Devise your brand’s purpose and focus
  • Clarify your audience’s passion and pain points
  • Identify your most relevant content that attracts, engages and converts your audiences at each step
  • Identify your ‘content tilt’ that would differentiate you and your competitors
  • Benchmark your content’s performance against your competition’s
  • Measure your content’s effectiveness and assist you in optimising your content into successful online campaigns